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StopJetLag now on Windows Phone 7

StopJetLag Agenda on Windows Phone 7

StopJetLag is pleased to announce that you can now follow your StopJetLag Plan on your Windows Phone 7.

StopJetLag makes it possible for you to transition to new time zones quickly and smoothly by prescribing minor but crucial modifications in your regular habits — simple things like:

  • The correct time for you to rest or to stay active and when it’s possible for you to get core sleep given the limitations of your specific flight schedule.
  • The appropriate times for you to get exposure to bright light or for you to avoid bright light based on scientific research.
  • The correct times for you to take melatonin supplements based on scientific research.
  • The proper size, timing and type of meals, and when you should and also when you should NOT consume caffeinated beverages, as researched by Dr. Charles Ehret of Argonne National Labs.
  • The optimal time during your trip to switch your behaviors to the new time zone.


  • Customized anti-jet lag recommendations generated for delivery to your Windows Phone in addition to the normal StopJetLag Plan pdf sent via email.
  • Adjust Quickly to New Time Zones. Take advantage of the correct times for bright light exposure, food, sleep, exercise and melatonin supplements to quickly adjust to the time zone at your destination.
  • Jump immediately to current time in your StopJetLag Plan recommendations. Makes it easy to know what recommendations you should follow for the upcoming hours to minimize jet lag.
  • Pinpoint the optimal time to shift to your destination time based on your sleep patterns and flight schedule.
  • Designed to work while you are on your flight with no Internet access.