We help you Stop Jet Lag on your trip

Make your next trip more enjoyable and productive without wasting your valuable time battling jet lag.

We use your personal profile times along with your specific flight schedules to create a customized StopJetLag Plan for your trip based on the latest scientific jet lag research.

I do not want jet lag on my upcoming trip.

Discover How To Beat Jet Lag With This Free Series

Katie Couric discussing StopJetLag

Katie’s Travel Toolkit with Travel+Leisure

Sarah Spagnolo from Travel+Leisure discusses the major influences on jet lag with Katie Couric and how Stop Jet Lag uses them to make your trip more productive and enjoyable.

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Jettison jet lag with StopJetLag.com

REAL SIMPLE - Jettison jet lag with StopJetLag.com


Whatever your final destination may be, here’s what you can do before you board the plane to make that trip more seamless. Jettison jet lag by following the personalized schedule for your itinerary at StopJetLag.com

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The Stop Jet Lag Service

Travel+Leisure / CNN Travel: 100 Ways to Travel Better - Air Travel Tip: Beat Jet Lag with Stop Jet Lag
Courtesy of Travel+Leisure and CNN Travel

Want to Stop Jet Lag? Purchase a customized Stop Jet Lag plan at stopjetlag.com and receive your jet lag advice as a PDF plan and optionally on your mobile device.

Stop Jet Lag puts scientifically researched jet lag advice, created by a jet lag travel specialist, at your fingertips.

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Stop Jet Lag Mobile

StopJetLag 2018 Mobile Devices
StopJetLag 2019 Mobile Devices

Mobile apps make using Stop Jet Lag even more convenient. StopJetLag™ Mobile Apps available for iPhone®, iPad®, Android™, and Windows® 10.

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Stop Jet Lag Testimonials

Feedback from travelers

  • Stuart McFaul
  • Jean Franzblau
  • Andy Cohen

Jet Lag and You – How Do You Deal With It?

Jet Lag And You Survey

To better understand how jet lag affects you on your trips and how you are currently addressing it, we’ve created a short survey to collect your experiences with jet lag.

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