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Custom Scientific Stop Jet Lag Advice Video

Using natural influences to beat jet lag

Custom Scientific Stop Jet Lag Advice for Your Trip

We help you Stop Jet Lag on your trip

Make your next trip more enjoyable and productive without wasting your valuable time battling jet lag.

We use your personal profile times along with your specific flight schedules to create a customized StopJetLag Plan for your trip based on the latest scientific jet lag research.

Adjust quickly in any time zone with any flight schedule

We created Stop Jet Lag to give our jet lag travel specialists the ability to analyze your trip and furnish you with custom scientific jet lag advice, regardless of difficult flight times or complex multi-stop itineraries.

Custom scientific jet lag advice

Stop Jet Lag delivers the correct scientific timing for the major influences on jet lag which are

  • The optimal time to start functioning on your destination time
  • Based on your specific flights and sleep patterns
  • The correct time for bright light exposure and avoiding light exposure
  • The preferred meal times with types of food and size of meals
  • When to be active and get light exercise to raise your body temperature
  • The ideal times to consume caffeinated drinks
  • And the times to take advantage of optional melatonin supplements

The Challenge

  • Scientifically recommend the timing for the major influences on jet lag based on size and direction of your time change
  • Enable the analysis of any combination of flights, not just direct flights with ideal flight times
  • Minimize sleep deprivation
  • Determine realistically when to transition to destination time
  • Prioritize conflicting jet lag influences

The Solution

    The secret to consistently beating jet lag is to correctly time all of the naturally occurring jet lag influences with the flight schedules that you booked.

  • Stop Jet Lag evaluates available sleep patterns
  • Custom scientific jet lag advice
  • Review by a jet lag travel specialist
  • Personal trip notes from your specialist

StopJetLag on Katie Couric Review

“ will actually create a custom plan just for you.
They’ll take into account your exact itinerary and recommend things like

  • when you should be waking up,
  • when you should be falling asleep,
  • what you should be eating, drinking,
  • when you should be opening your windows,
  • when you should be exposing yourself to sunlight,
  • when you should eat.”

“All of these things really do make a difference. So this is a big issue and something that Stop Jet Lag is a great resource for.”

— Sarah Spagnolo from Travel+Leisure on the Katie Show with Katie Couric

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Learn how to consistently beat jet lag by coordinating the major influences on jet lag with all your flights.

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You too can achieve consistent results with the Stop Jet Lag Service

Stop guessing about the best timing for all the major jet lag influences on your trip.

No matter what flights you have booked, a Stop Jet Lag team member will carefully look at your specific trip. And only after evaluating how your flights are best coordinated with these natural jet lag influences will your Stop Jet Lag Plan be created, reviewed and sent to you.

Learn how you can achieve jet lag advice at your fingertips

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