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StopJetLag with Trip Notes for iPhone and iPad

StopJetLag with Trip Notes released for iPhone® and iPad®

StopJetLag Trip Notes for iPhone and iPad
StopJetLag Trip Notes for iPhone and iPad

StopJetLag Mobile Trip Notes release

Included in this release is the ability to view your individual Stop Jet Lag Trip Notes on your mobile.

Your trip notes for various legs can be viewed by tapping on the “StopJetLag Trip Notes” button and then selected the desired leg of your trip.

StopJetLag Trip Notes at your fingertips

With the StopJetLag with Trip Notes release travelers have their StopJetLag trip notes at their fingertips. For each major time shift on their trip you can read about the nuances of addressing the specific flights on your trip as written up for you by a StopJetLag team member.

The StopJetLag recommendations are based on the integration of your specific flight times, your personal profile and the times that scientific research has shown to be both safe and effective in helping you rapidly adjust to the time zone at your destination.

We feel that it is important that your Stop Jet Lag recommendations should reflect the ideal timing for the major influences on your body clock. However, a few additional notes (such as the ones shown in the image) refine some of the adjustments will be helpful to accommodate the specifics of your trip.

StopJetLag with Trip Notes now available in the Apple App Store

Visit the App Store to download the free StopJetLag app.

Download StopJetLag on the App Store
Download StopJetLag on the App Store

Benefits of Stop Jet Lag

  • Easily access your customized Stop Jet Lag plan on your mobile device in addition to the normal Stop Jet Lag plan pdf sent by email.
  • Quickly adjust to the time zone at your destination using reminders that mitigate jet lag such as bright light exposure, food, sleep, exercise and optional melatonin supplements.
  • Explanatory StopJetLag trip notes for your specific trip are available at any time.
  • Minimize sleep deprivation by understanding the optimal moment to switch to destination time.
  • Stop Jet Lag considers your specific flight schedule, multi-stops and connections in relationship to your normal daily routines.
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Stop Jet Lag On Your Next Trip

Stop Jet Lag Mobile puts scientifically researched jet lag advice, created by a jet lag travel specialist, at your fingertips.

Once your Stop Jet Lag Plan is downloaded, receive easy to follow activity notifications, even on flights without Internet access.

Purchase a customized Stop Jet Lag plan and access your information right from your mobile device.

Your StopJetLag for iPhone and iPad mobile app makes using Stop Jet Lag even more convenient.
  • Get automatic jet lag schedule reminders
  • Quickly view jet lag advice
  • Read your jet lag trip notes on your mobile
  • Instantly access your Stop Jet Lag recommendations

There are no roaming charges. Download the app and your Stop Jet Lag advice prior to flight. Internet access is not necessary inflight or on your trip.

Your Stop Jet Lag Plan can be purchased at »

Avoid the down time caused by jet lag

The secret to consistently beating jet lag is to correctly time all of the naturally occurring jet lag influences with the flight schedules that you booked.

There is always an optimal time to shift to your destination time zone based on your flight schedule. This time is based on your departure and arrival times, including the connections that are required to get you to your destination.

As part of the Stop Jet Lag service, a team member will review all of the specifics of the flight schedules on your trip. Then they will recommend your optimal shift time followed by prioritizing the naturally occurring jet lag influences that help you consistently beat jet lag.

Do You Want To Improve Your Jet Lag IQ?

Discover How To Beat Jet Lag

Learn how to consistently beat jet lag by coordinating the major influences on jet lag with all your flights.

The Art and Science of Jet Lag -

If you’d like to discover how to beat jet lag, you can request this free series: “The Art and Science of Jet Lag” from our website.

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You too can achieve consistent results with the Stop Jet Lag Service

Stop guessing about the best timing for all the major jet lag influences on your trip.

No matter what flights you have booked, a Stop Jet Lag team member will carefully look at your specific trip. And only after evaluating how your flights are best coordinated with these natural jet lag influences will your Stop Jet Lag Plan be created, reviewed and sent to you.

Learn how you can achieve jet lag advice at your fingertips

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