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Major Jet Lag Influences with Katie Couric

How to use the Major Influences on Jet Lag

Katie’s Travel Toolkit with Travel+Leisure

Sarah Spagnolo from Travel+Leisure discusses the major influences on jet lag with Katie Couric and how Stop Jet Lag uses them to make your trip more productive and enjoyable.

Avoid the down time caused by jet lag

The secret to consistently beating jet lag is to correctly time all of the naturally occurring jet lag influences with the flight schedules that you booked.

There is always an optimal time to shift to your destination time zone based on your flight schedule. This time is based on your departure and arrival times, including the connections that are required to get you to your destination.

As part of the Stop Jet Lag service, a team member will review all of the specifics of the flight schedules on your trip. Then they will recommend your optimal shift time followed by prioritizing the naturally occurring jet lag influences that help you consistently beat jet lag.

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Here are some highlights from the discussion between Sarah Spagnolo of Travel + Leisure and Katie Couric on Katie’s Travel Toolkit.

" will actually create a custom plan just for you.

They’ll take into account your exact itinerary and recommend things like

  • when you should be waking up,
  • when you should be going to sleep,
  • what you should be eating, drinking,
  • when you should be opening your windows,
  • when you should be exposing yourself to sunlight,
  • when you should eat."

Sarah Spagnolo (Travel + Leisure)

"I’m glad you said sunlight."

Katie Couric

"All of these things really do make a difference. So this is a big issue and something that Stop Jet Lag is a great resource for."


Discover How To Beat Jet Lag

Learn how to consistently beat jet lag by coordinating the major influences on jet lag with all your flights.

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You too can achieve consistent results with the Stop Jet Lag Service

Stop guessing about the best timing for all the major jet lag influences on your trip.

No matter what flights you have booked, a Stop Jet Lag team member will carefully look at your specific trip. And only after evaluating how your flights are best coordinated with these natural jet lag influences will your Stop Jet Lag Plan be created, reviewed and sent to you.

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